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A revolucionary product that helps in the wound healing process.
Easy Application

ColZen® provides convenience of treatment to the patient, as it must be replaced on average every 72 hours or when needed.


ColZen® in contact with the wound becomes a transparent gel absorbed by the wound, which reduces the pain at the time of replenishment and permits the placement in the humid environment.


ColZen® molds easily to the contours of the wound and should be applied over the total area of ​​the wound, must cover its entire length, and may be cut when necessary.

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How to use:

It assists in bleeding control and it can be used in the treatment of infected wounds or wounds in which there is an increased risk of infection.



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Silvestre Labs® is a pharmaceutical company with 100% national capital, located in Biotechnology Park of Rio de Janeiro (BIO-RIO), with expertise in dermatological and cosmetic products.


Silvestre Labs is part of Axis Biotec Brasil Group. Led by professionals with over 20 years of experience, Axis Biotec´s mission is to translate scientific research into innovative products and services in the healthcare industry.


The vocation for innovation can be measured from the first product launched by Silvestre Labs®: DERMAZINE®, an antimicrobial broad-spectrum and healing agent, composed of silver sulfadiazine 1%, which molecular synthesis of the active substance was developed and manufactured by the company itself.


From the knowledge gained in the development process of  DERMAZINE®, new products with healing, antimicrobial, antiviral and immunomodulatory properties have been developed and launched such as COLZEN®, GINODERMAZINE®, DERMACERIUM® and DERMACERIUM HS GEL.

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